「Fine Young Cannibals」
a0028744_0551730.jpg   1. Johnny Come Home
   2. Couldn't Care More
   3. Don't Ask Me to Choose
   4. Funny How Love Is
   5. Suspicious Minds
   6. Blue
   7. Move to Work
   8. On a Promise
                   9. Time Isn't Kind
                  10. Like a Stranger
                  11. Suspicious Minds

                         Fine Young Cannibals  1985作 London

「The Raw & the Cooked」

a0028744_010503.jpg   1.She Drives Me Crazy
   2.Good Thing
   3.I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
   4.I'm Not Satisfied
   5.Tell Me What
   6.Don't Look Back
   7.It's Ok (It's Alright)
                   8.Don't Let It Get You Down
                   9.As Hard As It Is
                  10.Ever Fallen In Love

                         Fine Young Cannibals 1989作 London


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